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Lansing’s #1 Rated Morning Radio Personality to Depart Mainstream Top 40 Home of Ten Years for New Role at Statewide Positive Hit Radio Network
Posted by Strickland Now at 7:38am 6/16/17
97.5 NOW FM studio/Josh Strickland

Lansing morning radio personality, Josh Strickland, will sign off from Townsquare Media’s 97.5 NOW FM (WJIM-FM) after more than ten years at the station. 

“My time at 97.5 NOW FM has defined my career and I love everyone at Townsquare-Lansing, but I have wanted to join the Smile FM team for a long time,” Strickland says, “and the time is right, now.”

Josh Strickland will join The Smile FM Radio Network, a nonprofit statewide network of positive hit radio stations, as Director of Localism; what he describes as a community engagement-focused role, on July 5th 2017.

Fans of WJIM-FM’s Josh Strickland in the Morning will still be able to hear him as he becomes a regular voice on Smile FM’s morning show, The Morning Espresso with Jenn & Brian, that airs weekdays on all the network’s stations from 5 to 10am. 

Smile FM morning host, Jenn Czelada, says “We’re excited to have Josh Strickland join the Smile FM team.  His wealth of knowledge in mainstream radio combined with his heart for families makes him a great fit for Smile FM.”

Strickland says a variety of factors influenced his decision to leave the mainstream radio station for the positive hit network, including his desire to “be a representative of music whose message much more closely aligns with my personal values;” something he said is particularly important as it relates to his role as a father.

Correspondingly, he also cites more quality family time, time at home and in the Shiawassee County communities where he has owned and operated a network of local news websites since 2012, as significant contributing factors.

Strickland, who hails from Shiawassee County’s Durand, came to Lansing by way of Grand Rapids in February 2007, programming both then-Citadel-owned mainstream Top 40 WHTS-FM in Grand Rapids and WJIM-FM in Lansing for a short time, before focusing solely on WJIM-FM, and eventually taking over mornings at the station in May of that year.  In 2010, Strickland was handed the programming reins to heritage Citadel-Lansing Adult Contemporary station, 99.1 WFMK.  He served as Program Director/Brand Manager at both stations and Morning Host at WJIM-FM until July 2011, shortly before an anticipated sale of Citadel Broadcasting to Cumulus Media.  The sale was completed in September of that year.

Strickland left Lansing and spent ten months programming Saga Communications’ Bright AC Mix 96.5 (WOXL-HD1) and AAA 98.1 The River (WOXL-HD2) in Asheville, North Carolina before being invited back to pick up where he left off at then-Cumulus-owned WFMK and WJIM-FM.

In November 2013, WFMK and WJIM-FM were among several Michigan stations to be purchased from Cumulus Media by Townsquare Media.  Strickland remained with the stations through that transition and has been Brand Manager of both stations and Morning Host at WJIM-FM since that time.

97.5 NOW FM is the #1 rated radio station in Lansing, and Josh Strickland in the Morning is the #1 rated morning show in Lansing.

The Smile FM Radio Network, a network of more than twenty positive hit radio stations across the state of Michigan, began in 1996 as a single station serving Lansing, then known as 88.1 The Light (WLGH-FM).  The network grew as more stations signed on across the state.  In 2004, The Light network and a co-owned network of radio stations, known as Joy FM, were merged to form Smile FM.

Smile FM remains headquartered at the original WLGH location, not far from Lansing, in Williamston -- coincidentally, in offices once occupied by WFMK.  The network has satellite studios in Lansing and Imlay City and a new satellite studio will be added in Durand.

Smile FM can be heard across the dial throughout Michigan: in Lansing on 88.1; in Flint on 89.7; in Grand Rapids on 90.9 and 99.9; in Detroit on 88.3, 88.9, 89.5, 91.5 and 103.9; in the Tri-Cities on 88.3; in Benton Harbor on 88.7 and Traverse City on 89.3; and in more than a dozen other communities from Monroe to Marquette.

For a complete list of cities and stations where you can listen to Smile FM and to listen to high-quality streaming wherever you are, visit smile.fm.
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