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Well, this is unexpected...

In July of 2017, I joined Smile FM as, essentially, a utility player. This major feat came after -literally- years of wishing, praying and meetings that seemed to go really well, but lead to nowhere.

At the time I was hired, I said to God, "I don't know why it's suddenly come together now, but I know there's a reason." One day, just three and a half months later, I was asked to fill in for the morning show. And then I was asked to fill in the next day. And the next. And the next.

I guess I'm the morning host at Smile FM.

Now two years later, I'm the morning host on a network of more than 30 radio stations in three states touching two countries.  And I'm wagering that God saw this coming all along.

It is a great honor and responsibility, but until recently, I approached it much like any other radio job, except that at this one, I could talk about my personal faith more freely.

I realized recently that this is more than just an opportunity to talk about my faith with people on the radio.  I realized that this is an expectation from God of me to see myself not as someone who is continuing their radio career in a new and bigger venue, but as someone that has left their radio career behind and fully embraced ministry as their new profession.

Who am I?!

I grew up in church.  My parents were active; my father was a minister and music director, both my dad and mom were Sunday School teachers, my mom was a sign language interpreter and I was involved with the youth group.  My cousin and I wrote the Easter play of 1993.  I've written songs about God.  But I am not a Biblical scholar and I am not well-versed in theology.  In fact, both of my younger brothers could recite scripture in circles around me.  So, why me?  

Why has God chosen me to enter ministry?

The answer is I don't know.  But, I'm going to do it.

What is "it?"  

For now, I guess it's Dad Jokes and Moments and Trombone Tuesday.  It's also engaging with people that I meet at events, and connecting with communities that we serve and churches and church leadership in those communities.  And, most importantly, being ready to move when God says it's time.

Please pray.

Please pray for me for wisdom and guidance and awareness of God's voice calling.  Please also pray steadfastly for the Smile FM ministry, because the enemy has been working overtime to tear it down and destroy it.  I believe that God has placed me here now to help defend it, and so I will.



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